European standard Pilot training center. ,,Aviacom Flight Academy" (AFA) is EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved training organization (ATO) based in Lithuania (Vilnius). We offer a wide range of high quality, low cost pilot training courses meeting the highest standards and complying with all the EASA regulations.

EASA pilot licenses. After finishing pilot training programs in ATO ,,Aviacom Flight Academy" (AFA) you will be ready to pass the exams successfully and get a fully compliant European EASA license.

Pilot training broker. AFA works with wide range of partners, so can offer various pilot training courses for pilots with EASA, FAA, ICAO licenses in Lithuania and the rest of the world. We are ready to help You to find the best and low cost plot training solutions. Do not start You training, until won’t get the offer from us. Why to overpay for the same services?

6 reasons why it’s useful for You to choose AFA

Nr. 1

100 % European quality and EASA licenses

AFA is the EASA approved training organization (ATO).  All our training programs meet the highest standards and complying with all the EASA regulations.  After finishing pilot training programs of ATO „Aviacom Flight Academy”, you will be ready to get a fully compliant European EASA licenses.


Nr. 2.

Pocket friendly ATO

Special Lithuanian prices. Lithuania is a small EU country, where prices of services are lower than in the other West European countries. Because of this unique position prices for AFA pilot training programs are lower. We also don’t have any extra payments for brand or location, so You will not overpay for your training choosing us.

Cost optimization for training in simulators. Also we can offer You the competitive prices for pilot training in full flight simulators in partnership with our partners and using their discount systems. Our cost optimization allows You to train in full flight simulators as cheap and geographically close (Europe, Asia, USA) as possible.

Geographical proximity, which saves Your money. The less KM You travel from home - the more money and time You save. AFA Pilot training center is based in Lithuania, capital Vilnius. So it is more convenient and cost less to travel here than to West European countries, which are more far away from You.

There’s no worth for You to overpay for the same services isn’t it? 

NR. 3

Innovative training solutions: learn where You want 

,,Aviacom Flight Academy" (AFA) applies innovative pilot training solutions, which allows to make learning process more easy and pocket friendly. Many of our training programs You will find in internet data bases, so will be able to learn at home or wherever You want. Even lectures of the Ground school we can arrange not only in our certificated classes, but in Your country of city.

Nr. 4

We speak Your language 

All AFA instructors and staff members fluently speak Russian, English and Lithuanian. Learning here You will avoid misunderstandings and feel more comfortable to discuss all the questions in Your language.

Nr. 5

Experienced instructors

AFA instructors and staff members are the professional pilots and have 10-20 years of experience in aviation. Our training process is based not on theory, but the best practice, which has been approved over these years and will allow You successfully pass the exams and start pilot career of improve Your qualification.


Nr. 6

Transparent costs

AFA propagates a policy of transparent cost. It means, that our students initially are informed about the full price of our services and „hidden“ extra payment do not appear later, as sometimes happens in the other ATOs.

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