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Boeing 737 Full Fligh Simulator lease & Type Rating 

Get or renew Your piloting skills in B737-500 CL Simulator 

Searching for the best place in Europe to enter Boeing 737 Type Rating course or simulator lease? 

„Aviacom Flight Academy“ is EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO) in Lithuania which can provide you with B 737 CL 500  Full Flight (D/G level) Simulator hours on a flexible basis for:

 * Renew, revalidate or maintain your exiting B737 Type Rating by collecting flying hours.

 * Assessement. Prepare quickly for pilot recruitment assessment (screening) in airlines.

 * B737 qualification. Get Boeing 737 300-900 CL and NJ Type Rating training.

 * Finish B737 300-900 difference course (from CL to NJ and vice versa) and Multi-Crew-Cooperation (MCC) courses.

 * Get B737 flight simulator experience in entertaining flight as a pilot.

NOTE: cost optimization proposal is also aviable (just scroll down). 


Our Boeing 737 CL 500 Full Flight Simulator is a Level D/G device in compliance with requirements of EASA and ICAO. The simulator is manufactured by „Redifusion“ and was acquired in 2006. It can simulate all aircraft systems that are accessible from the flight deck and are critical to pilot training. Training in our ATO „Aviacom Flight Academy“ you can make your standard company operations, because fleet‘s systems environments and cockpit layouts are reflected in simulator in order to conduct your own line operations.

Wet & dry lease of Boeing 737 Full Flight Simulator 

ATO „Aviacom Flight Academy“ offers both options to hire B737 simulator for airlines and private pilots.  

“Dry leasing“ solutions allow you to train or check your crew members using your own flight instructors of flight examiners in compliance with your supervisory authority.

For “wet leasing“ solutions we offer to make your pilot training flights in a simulator with our ATO’s flight instructors and flight examiners, having huge pilot experience and high level training qualification.

Practical training in a simulator’s cockpit together with the other pilot is the best way to get efficient training and pocket friendly cost. Depending on situation, we can offer you a training partner. Please contact us to know what situation is now.  


Our ATO's Boeing 737 CL 500 Full Flight Simulator is a level D simulator. It's the highest standard of full flight simulator and is eligible for zero flight time (ZFT) training of civil pilots when converting from one airliner type to another.  

B737 Flight Simulator lease – cost optimization

Usually B737 Simulator training cost consists of simulator’s lease per hour and instructor’s fee, but additional expenses such as transportation and living costs also make a big part of simulator training budget. We can reduce it, because ATO “Aviacom Flight Academy“ offers all the training and acoodation services in 1 place, in our Pilot Training Center in Paluknys near Vilnius. We offer you you a cost optimization package, which includes :

 * Special low cost proposal of simulator leasing for bigger groups.

 * Accommodation and catering. We offer you to live in our Pilot Training Center’s hotel in Paluknys, where prices are lower than in Vilnius City nearby. In such case you will save on transportation too.  

 * Cozy student service – personal manager, transportation, free Wi-Fi, Visa support.

 * Flexible training agendas in B737 Simulator. We can arrange a slot for you in a few days. 

We will save your money because we operate in Lithuania – a quite new European Union country, where prices are 2-3 times lower than in Western Europe. We don’t have any extra payments for brand so you will not overpay for the same EASA quality B737 Simulator training choosing ATO „Aviacom Flight Academy“ as your training partner. 

Also, the less KM You travel from home - the more money and time You save. Boeing 737 CL 500 Simulator is located in  our Pilot Training Center, in Paluknys aerodrome, near Lithuanian capital city Vilnius. It’s more convenient and cost efficient to travel here than to West European countries, which are more far away.  


B737 CL 500 FFS is located in our ATO's Flight Training Center's building together with classrooms and students' hotel in Paluknys near Vilnius. 

Boeing 737 Full Flight Simulator experience: our Flight Training Center

In our ATO's Pilot Training Center, where you’ll find  everything you need for training and living in a 1 place

 B737 CL Full Flight (FFS) simulator is located in the same building of Pilot Training center, near the classrooms.  

 Classrooms are provided with modern multimedia equipment, Computer-Based Training (CBT) programs and aircraft cockpit models, created for training with B737-300/900. Also big and regular updated training data bases and exams questions banks are prepared for you in order to get the latest information and successfully prepare for the exams.

Accommodation.  In our Pilot Training Center complex at Paluknys You’ll find convenient and pocket friendly accommodation. Living here you won’t have to drive for learning purposes – everything You’ll find in one building. Also it allows you to save transportation expenses, furthermore – prices in our hotel are lower than in Vilnius City nearby.

Hotel, located near the evergreen pines and local aerodrome, offers you stylish and comfortable 10 double rooms with bathroom, freezer and TV; tea/coffee making facilities; spacious quiet Barbecue house and grill available; private car parking and most beautiful view into forest through the rest room.  

Catering – there are 2 options. Modern equipped kitchen with a big dining room is prepared for your needs in the main building of Pilot Training Center. Also you can order meals or eat in a café „Biplan“ in the next building to. Also Cafe-Bar “Biplan” will make You feel like being on an real aircraft and enjoy the great atmosphere during Lunch or Dinner. It’s a cozy building of unique architecture with warm and refined atmosphere of a private home and most beautiful view into a local aerodrome through the windows. The staff is helpful and pleasant, ready to assist guests and give all the necessary information. Cuisine of the restaurant is dominated with dishes of the European kitchen, so everyone will be able to find him appealing dishes with attractive prices.

Cozy student service – personal manager, transportation, free Wi-Fi, Visa support. Free Wi-Fi nternet is available.

B737 Simulator training: time and agendas  


You can lease simulator according to your personal needs and agenda. Our ATO's Boeing 737 CL 500 Full Flight Simulator is operated 20 hours a day. About 30% of slots are booked so we are flexible to meet your individual needs and schedule of your training. 

Chek the aviability this month and call +370 657 77 710 or write as an email.  

Boeing 737 (CL & NJ) Type Rating Course 

Fast way to start flying with Boeing 


If you are searching for the best place in Europe to enter Boeing 737 Type Rating course, ATO „Aviacom Flight Academy“ is ready to provide you with:

  • Boeing 737 300-900 CL and NJ Type Rating Course and recurrent simulator training for airlines and private pilots with EASA and ICAO pilot licenses.
  • Boeing 737 300-900 difference course from CL to NJ and vice versa.
  • B 737 Instructor  Courses – initial, renewal and revalidation of SFI/ TRI qualifications.
  • Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course – as a part of type rating program or separate. 

100 % of our students successfully passed B737 Type Rating course and already fly with Boeing in European and Asian airlines. 

Now it’s your turn – we will help you to join the wealthy Boeing pilot family as soon as possible.

5 best qualities of B737 Type Rating Course 

There are many proposals of Boeing 737 courses in Europe, but our ATO gives you the best training value concerning with your time, your money and your professional education. ATO „Aviacom Flight Academy“ guarantees you:  

  • Flexible training agendas – get your B737 rating and start to fly as soon as possible.
  • Pocket friendly prices for simulator wet & dry lease as well as groups’ training.
  • European level training – EASA approved pilot training and EASA certificates.
  • Cozy student service – personal manager, transportation, free Wi-Fi, Visa support.
  • Accommodation and catering may be included (as an option) in a training package.  

For more information about B737 qualification training click here. 

B737 Flight Simulator experience: entertaining flights 

Do you think sometimes about what’s going on in the pilots’ cabin when you are flying to your holidays or business trip destination? 

Or maybe are you dreaming to become a pilot?

Became a pilot just for one day and experience the thrill of piloting 65 tons aircraft being on the ground.  Yes, such a miracle can happen only in a Full Flight Simulator. 

„You will have a real flight experience, choose the airport where to fly and land, and to make all the steps of flights what real pilots are doing“, says Boeing pilot Remigijus Balčiūnas, CEO of „Aviacom Flight Academy“.

How does the flight in a B737 simulator look like? 

Our Boeing 737-500 CL Full Flight Simulator is being used to train real airlines' Boeing pilots. 

It simulates all aircraft systems that are accessible from the flight deck and are critical to trai�{��V�{��V�ĺ�V@P��V(|��V�{��V��{��Vdia/simuliatorius/low%20cost%20training%20in%20B737%20simulator.jpg" class="fr-fic fr-dii" style="width: 350px; height: 291.053px;">

The cockpit is an exact copy of the real Boeing 737 and the complete equipment works as in real life. And best of all: the cockpit moves along with every motion you enforce. The instructor can turn for you rain, snow, day or night, trubulence and malfunction, for example, a fire in an engine - are you ready for such a flow of adrenaline? Also you can choose various airports from our data base, so would you like to depart from Vilnius to London?  

When you arrive in our Pilot Training Center at first you will get some basic information about the principles of flying, briefing on the operation of all the buttons, signs and other flying instruments in B737 simulator‘s cockpit. The pilot will lead you through everything and meanwhile you can ask him everything about flying. If you bring someone with you, he or she is also welcome to this briefing. So everyone will be informed about your experience 'in the sky'. This is free of charge for you and your companion(s).

After the instructions you will get into the simulator and you are ready to fly! For example, depart from Vilnius and fly to London. Or do you want to fly over Tenerife Island? Maybe to fell experience technical failures or other difficulties like bad weather? Everything is possible!
The minimum of flight in a B737 simulator is 30 minutes. But the longer, the more fun of course! Regardless of how you 'landed', afterwards you discuss the flight and enjoy the view over the runway of Lelystad Airport.

Location: all the benefits of aerodrome

Paluknys airfield with various aircrafts and gliders is just in front of our ATO's Pilot Training Center, where B737 simulator is. Cafe „BIPLAN“ is the only „winged“ cafe in Lithuania.   


B737 Simulator is located in our Pilot Training center in Paluknys, 30 km from Vilnius. Here you will find a local aerodrome with its own cozy restaurant „BIPLAN“ (of a shape of real aircraft AN-2). There's always a lot going on and you can enjoy watching all kinds of aircrafts coming and going all the day.


So, are you ready for a flight lesson?

You can fly alone or visit Paluknys aerodrome and our „Pilot Training Centre“ together with a friends. In addition to the student, a maximum of 2 people can participate in the simulator, for a small extra charge. Students can then exchange during the flight. Book at least 20 minutes per student.

We can also arrange a team building or the other party for your enterprise.

And the best news is that it doesn't meter, what's the weather outside – in our B737 Flight Simulator you can fly always!


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