• Private Pilot licence (PPL) course

Private Aircraft Pilot Course 

Here Your dream to fly will come true! 

When you have finished the private pilot course and you will pass the exams, you will be ready to fly safely and efficiently, also get a private pilot license PPL (A), which gives the right to have independent flights with a single-pilot airplane under visual flight rules (during the day, with good visibility). It enables you not only to fly for fun or travel, but also to take with you your family members or friends.

  • Theory – in cyber space. The virtual flights on the ground with the simulator and distance learning via Internet
  • Experienced instructors. With them you will feel safe from the first seconds being on the aircraft.
  • Flexible lectures and flights schedule. Not You, but we will adjust aerial education to Your agenda.

Bring a friend and get € 500 discount! Proposal is valid only this month. 

I am a businessman, so I don‘t have a lot of free time, that is why I wanted to have a plan of lectures as early as possible. And how I was surprised when flying school AFA said that there is no lecture schedule, and the instructor will be ready to work with me when I will have time! This kind of flexibility and attention to the student as AFA I haven‘t seen in any other place. Learn to fly in „Aviacom Flight Academy“ I recommend to everyone.

Egidijus Petrovas, odontologas  

PPL Course: 3 reasons, why it‘s useful learn to fly in AFA

Nr. 1. 

Theory – in cyberspace too. AFA theory course is diversified also with virtual flights.

So, being still on the ground, in an innovative simulator, you will try yourself what it means to pilot an aircraft.

 It will help you to understand the aircraft piloting more quickly and easily. 

Also, you will be able to learn theory and perform tests online.


Nr. 2. 

  1. Flexible lectures and flight schedule. No "conveyor" training.
  2.  Every student is very important for us. Aerial studies and flights we will 
  3. adapt to your needs and possibilities.

First flights with the airplane Cessna 150/152, perhaps the most popular aircraft in the world, 

with which people learn to fly. Its exploitation is relatively cheap, 

and the piloting principles are simple. This is the aircraft that aviation novices need.


Nr. 3.

Experienced instructors. The instructor will be the most important person to you

 while learning to fly, so it is very important that you would trust him from the beginning.

 We guarantee this because our instructors are:

- experienced pilots,

- have many years of experience and knowledge of how to teach newcomers to fly,

- have a good sense of humor (the instructor must be a serious professional but not a grumpy cat).

Learning to fly: 3 greatest fears

It is never too late to learn to fly. You just have to be at least 16 years old and your health should meet 1 or 2 class medical certificate requirements. From experience we know that people who want to fly and become a pilot are worried by these 3 questions:

If you can drive a car, you will be able to fly. 

It is the answer of „Aviacom Flight Academy“ instructors (who have learned a lot of people to fly)

 to the question, whether I will ever be able to pilot an aircraft.

Will the health and wearable glasses not preclude? 

If glasses correct vision for a „one“, then you can fly. In order to obtain a 2 level medical certificate,

 the medical examinations are almost similar to the driving license examinations, 

but the exact requirements you will know from CAA.

Whether I do not go bankrupt? Aviation studies are not cheap, but „Aviacom Flight Academy“ presents 

pocket friendly price policy, the essence of which consists of 3 points.


Pocket friendly Lithuanian costs. The price level in Lithuania is up 30 % lower than in West/North European countries. According to „Eurostat“ survey 2016, price of hamburger „Big Mac“ was 8 Eur in in Germany and 4,21 Eur in Lithuania; price of 1 l gasoline  – 1,57 Eur in Norway and 1,02 Eur in Lithuania. Because of this unique position in a market, prices for AFA pilot training are lower too. We also don’t have any extra payments for brand or location, so You will not overpay for the same service choosing us.


Transparent costs. AFA propagates a policy of transparent cost. It means, that our students initially are informed about the full price of our services and „hidden“ extra payment do not appear later, as sometimes happens in the other ATOs.


Bring a friend and get a 500 € discount! Proposal is valid only this month. Don’t start learn elsewhere, till didn’t get a proposal from us. Why to overpay for the same service? Register now.

Become a pilot: the best way to overcome the doubts is a DEMO flight

If you wish to become a pilot and learn to fly, but you have some doubts, order a demonstrational flight, where you will be able to invite friends or family members.

During the DEMO flight time you will not only feel the magic of a flight, but also will be able to talk with a pilot-instructor and then decide if you want to learn to fly.

AFA will be happy to arrange you such flight for an attractive price – 70 EUR/30 min. with aircraft „Cessna“ 150.

Private Pilot License (PPL) Course structure

Theory subjects 

Air Law and Operational Procedures, Aircraft General Knowledge,

Navigation, Aircraft Flight Manual, Communication,

Principles of Flight, Meteorology, Flight Performance and Planning

Human Performance and Limitations


Duration: 2,5 month

Theory studies are combined with training in flight simulator at AFA Ground school.  

Practical training 

It usually takes from 2 to 4 months to fly all 45 hours with aircraft „Cessna“ 150/152 (flights are conducted from April to October). Flight training schedule is arranged individually, flights on Saturdays and Sundays are possible too.

Out of the hours, a minimum of: 10 hours solo flights in aircrafts under the supervision of an authorized flight instructor, including 5 hours solo cross country flights and, a cross country flight of at least 270 Km. (150 nautical miles), during which full stop landings will be carried out at two different aerodromes.

Flight training is organized in 5 stages: 

1. Learning preparation for flight on the ground procedures.

2. First piloting skills: flights with the instructor, preparation for the 1st independent flight without the instructor, the 1st independent flight.

3. Piloting skills consolidation:  preparation to fly routes independently, 1st independent route flight.

4. Piloting skills test: preparation for final exams.

5. School exams are organized in ATO, and the final theory and flight exams in order to get a Private Pilot License are conducted by Lithuanian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), on the dates specified and supervised by an inspector authorized by the CAA.


Flight bases of ,,Aviacom Flight Academy" (AFA) are in Paluknys aerodrome in Lithuania, 40 km from the capital city Vilnius. Training flights in Lithuania are conducted in Paluknys aerodrome (code EYVP, category 1-A), with 2 ground runways (measurements: 650x50 m and 600x100 m). It is convenient to reach it from Vilnius or staying in Paluknys hotel (in that case You won’t have to worry how to reach the airfield, because the runway and aircrafts will see through window).

One more advantage to make training flights in Paluknys is that around You’ll find a lot of other small aerodromes and Vilnius international airport. So You’ll have great opportunities to practice approaching, landing and take-off flight procedures according to IFR in various environments.

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